A few words about me

I've always been active, always on the go.  I had to learn to sit still - and I’m still learning.
I attended my first yoga class in the year 2000 while studying Architecture in Chicago.  Ever since I practice Yoga, sometimes more often, other times less often, but I always came back.  Over the years I’ve tried and practiced many styles of Yoga.  Yoga has always been about balance for me, balance to other physical activities, but also physical and mental balance.  Nevertheless, somehow I was always looking for a bit more - until finally, about 10 years ago, I discovered my passion: Hot Yoga.

In Hot Yoga I can sweat, build muscles, get more flexible and bendable, and practice my balance and my patience with myself, I can lose and exhaust myself, and every time I feel better afterward. That’s what I want to share with you - That's why I am a yoga teacher.

At the end of 2022 I successfully completed my +300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at AirYoga Zurich and received the Yoga Alliance RYT 500 certification. The basic RYT 200 Hot Yoga Teacher Training I had already concluded in spring 2018 at Yoga Tribe in California.

I will continue to learn and grow with passion. Yoga is an ongoing path, and so is being a Yoga teacher.  I am inspired by the changes associated with a regular yoga practice: the more you practice Yoga, the more your mental and physical strength, flexibility, and balance will harmonize. 

In my day job as an Architect, I mostly sit at the computer - Hot Yoga provides the balance.  I also love being outdoors, in the fresh air, biking, running, snowboarding, swimming, hiking, enjoying nature, or even practicing a few yoga asanas.

Hot Yoga helps your well-being and makes you feel great. I want to share this with my fellow human beings, to do my part in helping us all live and feel better. Because when people are well, our world is doing well.

                                             Namaste, Sabine


HOT YOGA 4 U does not only mean Hot Yoga for you, the 4 Us also stand for:

Universal, Understanding, Uplifting and Union