In one-on-one sessions, you can easily communicate what’s going on in your body in a safe atmosphere.  You will have 100% of my attention, and we will have time to focus on your body, your goals, or your challenges.  Beginners can profit from private lessons as much as advanced students.  Improve your alignment, and bring greater strength, flexibility, and well-being to your practice.

Reasons to take private Hot Yoga sessions:

1. Learning proper alignment at the beginning of your practice

New students often feel a bit overwhelmed in a group class, and can benefit immensely from receiving an instructor’s complete attention.  It is important to create proper alignments early on in your practice to build proper habits. Working one on one will help you to develop a clear understanding of the yoga poses and breathing techniques,  rather than getting lost when the speed of a group class is too much.

2. Increase strength, and flexibility – safely 

When you've reached a plateau, or would like to increase your understanding of a pose,  one-on-one instruction can help you make major breakthroughs. Special sessions can be arranged to focus on the entire Hot Yoga series, or we can focus on your specific needs, may it be inversions, forward bends, hip openers, recovering from an injury, etc.  Learn about your body and the practice and get excited to get back on the mat.

3. Practice on your own schedule

Find it difficult to schedule your day around the yoga class schedule? Why not have yoga sessions at the time most convenient for you?  Contact me to arrange a private class at a time that matches your schedule.

4. Receive lots of adjustments
If you enjoy hands-on adjustments, you will love your private session.  Adjustments are like a massage and a yoga practice combined!  Adjustments help you to get properly aligned, they show your body the next step of a posture safely and help you achieve stretches deeper than you can on your own.  

Contact me to arrange for a private, one-on-one class: or 077 440 90 87


Special Introductory 60 Minute Private Class CHF 75.-

60 Minutes Private Class   CHF 100.-

10 Private Classes à 60 min. CHF 950.-

CHF 20.- per additional student in your class. 
Max. 3 students total per Private Class