What is Hot Yoga

The unique thing about Hot Yoga is, that we practice in a heated room.   In warm temperatures and relatively high humidity, the body reaches its maximum flexibility.  In addition, the heat stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation, stress is actively reduced. 

Hot Yoga is a sequence of 28 physical exercises (asanas), and 2 breathing exercises.  Hot yoga has its origins in Bikram Yoga, where a similar sequence of exercises is practiced.  The goal of the postures in their fixed sequence is to activate blood circulation to all joints, all muscles, and tendons, as well as to all organs. Your spine is gently stretched and strengthened, already your first class will relieve minor back pain and neck tension.  In addition, sweating in the heat promotes detoxification in the body.

The heat makes the body more flexible, and the risk of injury is greatly reduced.   Your metabolism is stimulated by the exercises, and your immune system is strengthened, which can alleviate many physical and mental illnesses. 

Everybody can practice Hot Yoga, and you can start at any time.
Hot Yoga is well suited for less flexible or older people.

Hot Yoga acts preventative and it requires no prior knowledge.  It is soothing for the back, invigorates the body, supports weight loss, reduces stress, and promotes concentration.

You will feel better with Hot Yoga.

New: Hot Flow Yoga

Unlike in the more static and strengthening Hot Yoga 28, in Hot Flow the yoga postures (asanas) are lined up in flowing movements rather than practiced individually. Breath and movement merge in a dynamic flow. Heat and energy are generated in the body, activating the metabolism, training the cardiovascular system, and purifying the body. The best-known example of a yoga flow is the classic sun salutation.  A yoga flow is like a moving meditation; the mind can rest.

Hot Yoga 4 U = Hot Yoga for YOU

Try it!


“Hot yoga with Sabine was great. We had so much fun! We were vacationing and did this kind of on a whim. Before we booked, Sabine was very communicative and assured us that the class would work for a couple of beginners. Since we were vacationing and not really yoga regulars, she was very accommodating and reassuring - she taught the class in English and went at a pace that worked for us as beginners. It was tough (again, since we are beginners), but very manageable. Best of all, she made us feel comfortable and let us work out at our own level without any judgement.”